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Since 1990 I'm working on the genealogy of the following families:
PELGRIM, PILGRAM, ROEPMAN, MEIJVOGEL, DE JONG and more. Via Internet I hope to find information and joining in with others who have got something to do with 'people', family history, genealogy and former named family names..

de JONG and more...!

On this site there is a lot of genealogic material present. Strictly private, not for commercial purposes. A lot of old (family) pictures can be found, as well as information on glassblowers and Bad Sachsa (Germany). There's something on art (expansion of this section might follow) and on organs including mp3 samples of various pipe organs -- only for insiders.

If you are searching for something / someone particular on this site please enter the search text below. Furthermore you can look at two name lists, anyhow I wish you a lot of success in finding what you want. Do you have suggestions / ammendments please let me know. You can do this via e-mail or by signing the guestbook.

If you are a PELGRIM, PILGRAM, MEEDER, SLIEKER or a (former) glassblower please let me know. Hereby my thanks,     Jan Pelgrim

(translation: Johan W. Pelgrim)              

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  1. FOTO: Keukenhof 2011

  2. Pelgrim, The so called 'K-branch, it's now G-branch'

  3. Organ music and carrilon from Bad Sachsa

  4. Hans Hermann BŁdding (Wichel Pelgrim)

  5. Oldest forefather PILGRAM!!

  6. Meister Anton Pilgram

  7. Antonin Pilgram (TsjechiŽ) 

  8. Where to Pelgrims. Genealogist and 'Old writers?'

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